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  • auntieang69

    I would Love to see Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz on a Ticket, that is My Favorite… Either way for President & VP,, as long as they Both Get Elected.. Gowdy/Cruz or Cruz/Gowdy, but for sure, these 2 men..

    Why? Because THEY are the Most Vocal on Trying to Get Answers and Want to Keep ALL the Scandals in the Forefront!!!!

    • Anna Fabian

      Trey gowdy would make a great president but we all need to unite, put aside our petty differences and take a strong stand with and for the few honest men/ women trying to get to the bottom of all thse “phony scandals”!
      There are so damn many we have to zero in on one and make it stick and the house of lies will crumble but it takes us all, every one of us and there is great power in numbers.
      no one person can do it alone they need “we the american patriots to do their part, and that is you and me!

      We can win this battle with a little “smart”organizing.
      Look at iecland, and even the egyption ppl had obama and thugs stayed out of their business and not supported the brotherhood but the egyption ppl put us lazy americans to shame.
      Obviously we have forgotten our history lessons so we are doomed to repeat it!
      somebody fought and died defending our freedom and we owe it to the next generations to have the same american dream we had until one rotten upserver was illegally elected into office by fraud and lies.
      Obama was never vetted and we let it happen!

      • auntieang69

        I agree Anna,, More people Need to get Involved and really get up to date on Politics, and No, we should not have to have Only One or Two People to pick, to be our Voice.. I have sent Emails, I have Put Stuff on Many Democrat And Republican’s Facebook Pages,, Demanding Answers and also Demanding for Impeachment & Arresting of Obama for Treason and Crimes against Humanity,,, but More People Do need to do some of the same things that I have been doing…

      • Anthony Kirk

        I invite you, and all patriotic Americans, come join the 5/16/14 “American Spring” march on DC. The leaders are some of our most distinguished General’s, Admiral’s, Colonel’s, CIA, former Congressman, former Senator and Veterans.
        All American Citizen’s are urged to join what is hoped to result in 10 million peacefully demanding resignation/ removal from office Obama, Holder, All Cabinet Secretaries, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and may others.

        • Joan Landreth

          I am cheering very loudly right now!! Thank you for posting this important date. More than anything I would love to join the march. I am in California and 72. If anyone has a plan to travel as a group, maybe I could come along. This event needs to be on every TV interview program now, and until the day we are in DC . Get the word out, the citizens will come.

  • STQ

    or, how about the DOJ?

  • Gloria Lincoln-Thompson

    Run for president Trey, we the people need patriots like you running our country!

  • Jason Golff

    I would jump for joy if Trey would run for President or was on the ticket with Ted Cruz. It would also be fantastic if he was appointed as Attorney General of the United States. Any one of these offices would be well served if Trey held them.I don’t know of any other elected official in Congress meaning both the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate that is a more staunch advocate for justice and culpability.

    I love his style of questioning of the witnesses to come before the committees that he serves on. It is almost rhythmic the way he questions the witnesses in a very prosecutor like style with this emphasis on keywords n his questions. I see the biggest problem with Trey Gowdy been nominated for president is all of the Rhinos in the Republican Party that would be afraid of him.

    As this posting there were slightly over 600 likes on this webpage, that is miniscule. There are only four comments on this webpage. If we Trey Gowdy supporters truly want to elicit a response from representative Gowdy then it has to be a whole lot more impactful than what this page is showing.

    We need to share this link on Facebook and all other social media. Possibly we need to start a petition on change.org. We need to be to posting to blogs and forums that are political in nature and try to get people to sign up.

    If we truly want representative Gowdy to be the next president United States or Atty. Gen. our vice president then we need to take massive action to make that happen. I will be posting this link on a number of forums to try to elicit responses from freedom loving Americans that want a true change, a change for the positive for the people of the United States. Changing our representative government back to a representative government is opposed to the special interests melting pot.

    I frankly don’t believe it can happen, I’ll do believe that the Congress is so corrupt that there may be a handful of honest people’s representatives that actually represent the people that they were sent to Washington to represent. However, if there’s going to be any hope of change we need people like Trey Gowdy holding high office that can actually make effective changes to this once great government.To make those changes in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and not try to destroy the Constitution or finesse a way around the Constitution by executive privilege or legislate to posturing “the nuclear option in the Senate for instance”. In short we need an American with America’s best interest at heart; as opposed to self interest at heart.

    • auntieang69

      Jason, you and I are thinking the Same thing… :) LOL … I also would Love to See Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz on a Ticket,, I think They would do Great together, as they are Both very Outspoken in What they Believe, and also on What and How the Little People are effected..

    • katiesue

      We’ve got it going on Jason..check it out…WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN! And we need you and others to SHARE….SHARE….SHARE and help get the word out. Thank you all. kb



  • Anthony Kirk

    What a great change Gowdy would make. I have enjoyed his questions presented to the group of administration liars. No Mercy, love it.

  • Father Truth

    He deserves AT LEAST to be Attorney General or Solicitor General of the US. This is an impressive and clear-headed young man who has not been jaded by DC, and we want it to stay that way. I would bet that both Democrats and Rino-Republicans fear him and his common sense.

  • Lisa Strauss

    Would LOVE to see Trey run for President!! He would absolutely have my vote! I am still not convinced that Ted Cruz would stay strong on the no amnesty issue’s

  • Nancy DeVisser


  • George B. Taylor, Sr.

    There are no perfect candidates but, if you want a man who knows how to ask the right questions and speak truth to power – you got it in Trey Gowdy. One of the brightest politicians I’ve seen in many a day.

  • Joan Landreth

    Go to the web site for Trey Gowdy and READ. This man really cares about our country and its citizens. Sign the petition, we need him to get us out of this horrible mess. Obama has just about ruined this country. We certainly have lost our rights and freedom as is promised in the Constitution. “For the people by the people”, it’s still there. We are being ruled like Russian citizens. And remember Hitler? One man is capable of bringing a country to its knees. Well, enough! Obama needs to go, now. It is time to take a stand and unite for the preservation of our country. Look around, listen, pay attention to what has happened. I have been here since before the Eisenhower Presidency and I can say without a doubt, we have never been so robbed of our rights. Our voices are not heard. We are being controlled by deceitfulness and ruthlessness and worst of all, free America is being destroyed.

  • Chuck Benenati

    Principled constitutionalist. This man Loves our country. Love to see him in the White House.

  • animalaura

    I would love Trey Gowdy to run for POTUS!! That is, if the IS another election for president. Currently, I have my doubts due to the massively corrupt person presently in the White House. That evil may stage another huge false flag event, and once the effects take place, he would declare Martial Law, and then cancel all future elections…. which would pretty much announce him as a dictator.
    I also fear for the safety of ANYONE who might expose or oppose the current criminal in the Oval Office. It appears that anyone who DOES … ends up dead… or worse.

  • kim

    Wouldn’t it be a miracle if we actually got a candidate who didn’t seem afraid of Hilary and Obama and the MSM. The only problem is that with those two still around, his life might be in jeopardy. Remember Vince Foster and all of those Whitewater crowd who kept dying. Trey is tough and could at least put up a fight against “fatso” and “jug ears”..

  • Angi Bryan

    Honestly, I think he whould serve a better purpose as Chief Justice of the United States.

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  • RobertL

    I’m for Trey but I have one major bit of advise for him.. Please stick with one hairdo and quit changing it everyday. One day it’s combed back (which looks better) and the next time you have bangs and unshaven. Let’s not give the left and the late night comics fuel to make fun of you. They thrive on that!! You followers also need to advise Trey on this. This is very serious!!!!!

  • Kendrick Backmon

    I say this without any reservation: “Rep. Trey Gowdy would make an outstanding chief executive office of these United States.” I believe that Mr. Gowdy would endeavor, in an unyielding fashion, to rectify pressing national issues and to amend legislation that has already proven to be detrimental for the American people. I believe that Mr. Gowdy does, indeed, care about the next generation; so, too, does he care about justice. These are two of the chief reasons as to why I do not consider Mr. Gowdy to be a politician, but rather a statesman. His courageous efforts to find answers with regard to the Benghazi attacks inspired me to seek public office someday, too. We, the people, deserve true leadership: where we, the leaders, serve the citizens to the best of our ability. Mr. Gowdy is the best of the best and we need him in higher office. Thank you for your service, Rep. Gowdy!

  • katiesue

    Check out the Trey Gowdy for President FB page


    And our new website….TREY GOWDY FOR PRESIDENT


  • David Mihm

    Mr. Gowdy, I would tirelessly work for your campaign if I ever got the chance. My ultra conservative beliefs draw me to your personality like moths to a flame. You, Mr. Future President, have the integrity that this office needs. I believe your election would rock this country with the laurels we have not seen for decades. You, Mr. Gowdy, could lead this country out of the darkness and make the white house sit upon a great “house on the hill again”

    • katiesue

      ditto here

    • CowboyUpAmerica

      Ditto here also…

  • MariansMusings

    Judge Jeannine is a great choice for VP, but so in Judge Andrew Napolitano.

    • katiesue

      Did you know Napolitano believes in open borders?

      • MariansMusings

        Katiesue, days later it dawned on me you must have thought I was talking about Janet N. I was speaking of Judge Andrew Napolitano. If you haven’t heard him speak, you are missing a blessing. Catch him on Fox.

        • katiesue

          Oh no….I know of the Judge very well…loved him until he stated his “open border” beliefs. He is awesome in every other respect. Illegal immigration is a number one priority on my list….my hometown….my quality of life…. my property value….have been destroyed by illegal immigration. And I believe that illegal immigration is the cause of many serious problems our country is having. Although….we have laws on the books to prevent such immigration problems….we have a tyrant in the White House who refuses to execute these laws. The difference would be….if the Judge enforced our laws on the books or if he would do what Obama does…..ignoring law because of his own personal beliefs!


  • Sandy Clark

    Trey Gowdy and Sarah Palin

    • katiesue

      even more awesome!

  • Bonnie Dugas

    Oh I so agree with you auntie

  • DMHecker

    I am a Jersey Girl, but my Heart Belongs to Trey Gowdy. I watch you on both Fox and C-Span, am always impressed with your calling it like yoiu see it. You are one of the few in Washington who tell tell the people what is really happening up there, Like Lois Lerner and Benghazi. You have the nerve to ask the questions that the rest of them will never ask.

    I would vote for you 100%, and would love to see you run with Alan West, Dr. Ben Carson or Scott Walker.

    Trey, please find it in your heart to run, American needs you more now than any time in American History. God Bless You and Keep Keep You Strong.

  • CowboyUpAmerica

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  • Wayne Scott

    Trey Howdy 2016 “Constitution Revolution”

  • The Oppo Man

    I just love this guy. This man is in perfect unison with my thoughts. It’s as if it’s me speaking to Barry personally. Maybe Congressman Gowdy will make a run in 2016 for President? Great job Trey and there is a massive majority you are speaking for.

  • disqus_8oBVer75Lt

    I tried to sign the petition, Trey Gowdy for President 2016 and it errors out. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • katiesue

      Try again now…..Paul was doing some security work on it. Thanks kb

  • disqus_8oBVer75Lt

    Make no mistake, if we want to have any chance of our country surviving we need Trey Gowdy running it!

    I am so concerned what three more years of Obama is going to do to us and if Hillary is next we are doomed. With that I fear a civil war will break out. We can’t let her be the next POTUS. We just can’t. We must join together and move forward with our commitment to Gowdy being the next POTUS and in a position of power to stop this insanity and to earn our respect around the world back.

    Can we do it? Yes, yes we can!!!!!